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Tips, advice and information on all things sliding wardrobes.

Most Popular Sliding Wardrobes ¦ Calgary image

The Most Popular Sliding Wardrobes

April 2019

Do Sliding Wardrobes Need To Be Fitted Wall To Wall?

April 2019

Office | My Sliding Wardrobe

Spring Cleaning Tips

March 2019

Sliding Wardrobe Interior Ideas

Wardrobe Interior Ideas – Which Is Right For Me?

February 2019

Finding someone to fit your sliding wardrobe

Where Can I Find Someone To Fit My Sliding Wardrobe?

January 2019

How Much Do Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Cost?

December 2018

How Do I Measure For My Sliding Wardrobe?

How Do I Measure For My Sliding Wardrobe?

November 2018

Man Building Sliding Wardrobe

Why Should I Choose a Made to Measure Wardrobe?

October 2018

Grey Bedroom with Goodyear Sliding Wardrobe | My Sliding Wardrobe

What Are The Benefits of Sliding Wardrobes?

October 2018