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Angled Ceiling? No Problem!

July 2023

Do you need to fit your sliding wardrobe to an angled ceiling?
If so, we have you covered.

We completely understand that not all rooms and ceilings are square, particularly in spaces such as attics or lofts and that special solutions are required to make sliding doors work in these areas. There are 2 kinds of sloping ceiling – front to back where the opening height of the wardrobe reduces the further you go in to the wardrobe and side to side where the top left and / or top right hand corner of the opening is ‘cut off’ by the ceiling. Each of these 2 scenarios requires a different solution to make sliding doors work.



For side to side sloping ceilings, we offer a bespoke angled door pack service where we can help calculate and then create a special angled door for the left hand side, right hand side or both sides of your opening that will close perfectly against your wall and ceiling at the same time as shown in the image to the right. This is available in a limited range of framework and track colours and there is an increased door cost.

For front to back sloping ceilings, we recommend the use of a timber as shown in the image above or adjustable angled brackets as shown below which allow angles of between 30° and 60º to be achieved whilst securing the top track to the angled ceiling and a fascia casing board to hide everything neatly. Both timber or angled ceiling brackets must be pre-fitted before opening measurements are taken. We also offer 87mm x 18mm x 2800mm fascia casing boards to hide the brackets or timber in the following colours:

  • Cashmere
  • Dusk Grey
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Stone
  • Vanilla
  • Dijon Walnut
  • Medium Oak
  • Lakeland Maple
  • Chalk Grey


For side to side sloping ceilings, the first thing that is needed is the length of each side whether that be 5 or 6 sides and the internal heights on each end of the level section of ceiling. The diagrams below show what information is needed and we must check this before advising you on your options.

Here’s some we did earlier…

Below are some customer pictures from two recent angled ceiling sliding wardrobe installations:

To discuss angled ceiling spaces please contact us on WhatsApp +441614986444 or email us via our contact page before placing your wardrobe order. We can then assist with what’s required for your particular space and requirements.


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