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Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding on your Sliding Wardrobe and where to put it

How can I calculate the door width and do the doors overlap?

All sliding doors overlap each other so the framework on the side of each door lines up with the door in front or behind. We do not recommend installing the doors so they do not overlap. For our doors, the overlap is 25mm and there is always 1 less overlap than the number of doors. For example on a 5 door wardrobe, there are 4 overlaps of 25mm (100mm total) which means the 5 doors each have to be wide enough to cover the 100mm of total overlaps. Please see below for a worked example for your information, however you do not need to worry as we do all of the calculations for you.

Opening Width - 4205mm

Number of Doors - 4

Number of overlaps - 3

Door width - ((4205mm + 75mm) / 4) = 1070mm

Measurement Guide

For information about measuring your space please see our measurement guide page and you can also download our handy measurement pdf guide here

What are the benefits of a sliding wardrobe over a freestanding wardrobe?

Sliding wardrobes are custom made to measure to fit between the ceiling and floor and to any width (generally wall to wall), meaning they can be fitted into spaces not used for anything else and can be ideal for covering unwanted things like chimney breasts, alcoves or old built in furniture / shelving. Sliding wardrobes also provide vast amounts of hanging and storage space and because the wardrobe doors slide, you don’t need loads of space in front of the sliding doors to get into the wardrobe.

Are there any limits on how tall, wide or deep my sliding wardrobe can be?

There are large limits on the height and width of a sliding wardrobe, however with a wall to wall wardrobe there is realistically no limit on how deep you make your sliding wardrobe (from the back wall to where you position your track and sliding doors). Sliding wardrobes available through My Sliding Wardrobe can be a maximum of 2836mm high and 5036mm wide and if your design includes an end panel then the maximum depth we can offer is 1000mm. If you have a requirement which is larger than what is confirmed above, contact us and we will work with you on a solution and a quote.

How do I measure the opening for my sliding wardrobe?

To measure up for your sliding wardrobe, you first need to know where the sliding wardrobe will be located, whether it will run from wall to wall or not and finally understand the width and height of the opening where the sliding wardrobe will run. This guidance and more can be found in our measurement guide.

Can I fit sliding doors along a sloping ceiling

Fitting sliding doors below a sloping ceiling can be relatively straight forward and generally requires either a timber frame, a timber baton or a small number of special brackets which we stock and can supply with your order. The brackets, timber or frame essentially give a flat, level surface to which the top track is fitted. A fascia / casing board is then required to cover what has been installed and nicely finish the installation.

If you would like to design and purchase sliding doors to be fitted below a sloping ceiling, please contact us before you place your order and we will advise you on what extra things you will need to consider and we will also check the measurements you are using are correct. Further information on sliding wardrobes below angled ceilings can be found on our Angled Ceiling blog.

Can you make double sided and angled sliding doors

We can and do manufacture double sided and angled sliding doors, however we have to use a specialist framework and track type, available in anodised silver only for both products and the dimensions and angles provided to us must be accurate.

Typically double sided and angled sliding wardrobe doors cost between 50% to 100% more than standard made to measure doors, but do look fabulous when they are complete and fitted.

If you would like to design and purchase double sided or angled sliding doors, please contact us before you place your order and we will advise you on what extra information we will need to proceed and we will also check the measurements you are using are correct.

How deep are our sliding wardrobes?

When sliding wardrobes are fitted between 2 walls (wall to wall), they can be done so at any depth you like, however this should ideally not be less than 552mm if you want to be able to fit clothes on hangers inside.

If you are purchasing our internals then the overall minimum depth of your wardrobe must be no less than 552mm, however it can be deeper. If you already have internals or you are planning to purchase internals from somewhere else, you need to allow 95mm in front of the internals for our track, doors and casing.

For wardrobes which include 1 or 2 end panels, the same minimum depth rules apply too, however the end panels themselves are 610mm deep. This means they would normally be installed at 610mm deep, however they can be reduced to the minimum depths as set out above if this is necessary.

Where your internals are deeper than 515mm and you want to purchase our end panels because the wardrobe is not wall to wall, the standard depth of 610mm will not be deep enough. Please speak to us before or after ordering where we can arrange for deeper end panels to be manufactured and included with your order or you can add a deeper 1000mm end panel to your order using our Extras page.

Does my sliding wardrobe have to be fitted to the ceiling?

Sliding wardrobes are deigned to be fitted between 4 sides which is normally the floor, the ceiling and 2 walls, however not everyone has 2 walls which is why we offer end panels for the left, the right or both sides as part of the casing and as a replacement for the wall.

The same can be true for the ceiling, although this is an option of last resort and should not be considered if you can fit to the ceiling. There are two options when fitting directly to the ceiling is not possible,

  1. Build down from the ceiling to give a fascia above the doors. This reduces the height of the opening for the doors without losing the height inside the wardrobe, however it normally requires a timber frame to be installed above the track and behind the fascia board.

  2. Install a 'lid' above the doors and track which becomes a new lower ceiling. The lid can be fitted between a wall or end panel and is essentially a horizontal end panel, generally 61cm deep matching the other casing. This can be easier to fit than a fascia, but you will lose the height inside the wardrobe.

Both options require planning and additional materials through our extras page so please get in touch with us any time of you cannot fix to your ceiling and we will be happy to help.

Where is the best place to put my sliding wardrobe?

Sliding wardrobes can be fitted anywhere and location is very much a personal preference, however we recommend the sliding wardrobe goes in an area where there is at least 552mm of depth from the back wall and where there are no radiators, doors or windows in the space where you would like the sliding wardrobe to run. If the doors are fitted wall to wall, you can set the doors as far forward as you like. Wherever your sliding wardrobe does not run to and/or from a wall, we will supply you with 1 or 2 end panel casing boards to act as a ‘false wall’, allowing the sliding doors to close up against something. The end panel casing boards are 610mm deep and so any wardrobes which include these panels will therefore have a maximum depth of 610mm. If you wish to create a deeper space using an end panel, we offer 1000mm end panels in 3 colours on the extras page within the 3D design tool. Guidance in this and more can be found in our Measurement Guide.

Will my sliding wardrobe really be custom made?

Every single sliding door we make for our sliding wardrobes available through the website is custom made to the millimetre to fit your exact opening and nothing about the sliding door is standard except for the wheels. Everything including the track sets, sliding door panels and framework are cut and assembled by hand in one of our UK factories. The only things that include items not cut to size are the internal and casing products as they need to be precisely cut and fitted during the installation.

What is casing?

Casing or casing boards include end panels which are 610mm deep x 2800mm tall and liners which are 95mm deep x 2800mm long. End panels are used to replace a wall on either or both sides of the sliding wardrobe where there is no existing wall and liners can be used to form a lining around parts or all of the sliding wardrobe opening. Both casing board types are 18mm thick, edged on both long sides and are available in 7 colours. We strongly recommend the inclusion of casing in all sliding wardrobe designs and orders.

Do I need end panel casing boards?

Sliding wardrobes are designed to run between two walls which is why the majority are fitted from wall to wall, however some people want their sliding wardrobe to run from 1 wall and stop before the opposite wall and some people want their sliding wardrobe to not run from or to a wall at all and simply sit in the middle of a room against the chosen back wall. Wherever your sliding wardrobe does not run to and/or from a wall, we will supply you with 1 or 2 end panel casing boards to act as a ‘false wall’, allowing the sliding doors to close up against something. The end panel casing boards are 610mm deep and so any wardrobes which include these panels will therefore have a maximum depth of 610mm, however we do also offer 1000mm versions in 3 colours in the extras page found towards the end of the design process. This guidance and more can be found in our measurement guide.

Do I need liner casing boards?

Essentially liners or 95mm casing boards are optional, however we strongly recommend them being included in your design and you do need them if your opening width is greater than 5000mm or your opening height is greater than 2800mm. If you have a floor or ceiling which isn’t very level or walls which are not plumb then liners can be useful to correct the error before the sliding doors and track are fitted. They can also be used to even out walls which include skirting, dado rails, picture rails or coving to help provide a flat even surface to close the doors against. If you are fitting on to carpet or if you are fitting a floor finish after the sliding wardrobes are fitted, you must include liner casing.

Does the floor finish or type affect my sliding wardrobe?

Sliding wardrobe bottom track can be fitted to any level floor finish including carpet, lino, laminate, tile, concrete, stone and wood, however if the sliding wardrobes are being fitted before the floor finish is fitted, you must order casing for the base as a minimum to go underneath the bottom track. This raises the sliding doors and track by 18mm allowing the new floor finish to be fitted up to the liner casing board.

Are sliding wardrobes an investment in my home?

Sliding wardrobes give any room an elegant and modern feel and can also make a room look a lot bigger, particularly if glass and mirror is used in the sliding doors. Your sliding wardrobes come with a 12 year warranty and become a fixed part of the room and home rather than a throwaway piece of flat pack furniture. It is generally accepted that good quality, well designed sliding wardrobes add more value to a home than their initial cost and customers can get in excess of 20 years life from them.

Why choose for your Sliding Wardrobe

Is my data secure?

At My Sliding Wardrobe we take data protection and security very seriously and it is factored in to every decision we take. Here are some of the things we have in place which ensure your experience with us will always be safe and secure.

  • We have a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy

  • Our website has an up to date security certificate

  • Your payments are always processed securely through Stripe

  • Our website is patched on a regular basis for security

  • Our company is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

Covid-19 update

We are pleased to confirm that the website, manufacturing and home delivery parts of our business are still operating, ensuring all of our customers can place and receive their orders on time as usual. We have however had to make adjustments to how we load and unload vehicles and how home deliveries are conducted. Unfortunately until further notice, we will not be able to carry the goods any further into the property than the entrance hall /room. These measures are temporary, make very little difference to the delivery process and we do appreciate your understanding and support during these challenging times.

How much can you save me in your sales?

At My Sliding Wardrobe we love our sales and we are proud of our long history keeping them going for longer than everyone else. In our sales you can save up to 50% off the RRP, however this doesn't mean our prices will double when the sale ends. As we don't run expensive showrooms, we are always able to sell below the RRP making the luxury of a custom made to measure sliding wardrobe accessible to everyone.

Where can I see independent reviews from previous customers?

If you would like to see independent reviews about covering everything from the quality and value of what we produce, the professionalism of our drivers or the standard of our customer service, then you can see our reviews and our 5-star rating on our Trustpilot page.

Have you been designing, manufacturing and selling Sliding doors for a long time?

My Sliding Wardrobe is a family owned, family run business with a family history of manufacturing sliding wardrobes for trade for over 30 years and selling directly to the public online since 2011. There is nothing we don’t know or haven’t seen when it comes to sliding wardrobes and as we are a family business, we are always available to discuss your needs and assist with your designs 24/7.

Are your products safe and sustainable?

At My Sliding Wardrobe the safety and sustainability of what we produce is arguably more important than anything else and sits hand in hand with the quality and cost of the products we offer.

All of our 4mm lacquered float glass and mirror is safety backed and meets BS EN 12600:2002 + A1 2010 - flat glass for use in buildings.

All of our track and framework is 100% recyclable and almost all of our products include recycled content ranging between 5% and 50%.

All of our woodwork products are sustainably sourced with our sole supplier being FSC and PEFC certified and all woodwork products meet EN 14322 and EN 14323 for behaviour during general use and carry an EN 13501-1 D-s2-d0 classification for reaction to fire behaviour.

All of our sliding doors are high quality, come with a 12 year warranty and are built to last which means they are not a disposable product as some furniture has become. Our sliding doors are hand made in the UK allowing us to provide training, skills and sustainable employment to UK workers, to pay UK taxes and to support the UK economy.

Are your sliding wardrobes hand made in the UK to the highest quality?

Our sliding doors are custom made by hand in our factories in the UK, are manufactured to the absolute highest standards of quality and precision and all come with a 12 year warranty. They also offer the highest value for money in the UK and you find out more about our Price Promise in Here.

Do you offer a wide range of designs, materials and colours for my sliding wardrobe?

All of our sliding wardrobes consist of between 2 and 6 sliding doors. For every opening we supply sliding wardrobes for, there are 9 different framework and track colours, 7 different casing colour options and 7 different internal colours over 6 different internal designs. For every sliding door we make there are 6 different door designs, 3 different mirror options, 14 coloured glasses and 18 woodworks to choose from. This means for every sliding door, there are over a million possible design variations which means we will always be able to create your perfect sliding wardrobe.

Is your website and sliding wardrobe builder easy to use?

We have spent years developing the technology for our 3D sliding wardrobe builder so that every decision you make is completely visual and your design and price changes at every step in real time so you can see how your sliding wardrobe will look in your room. Every step has been made as simple as possible, carefully thought out so that anyone within minutes can create and see their perfect sliding wardrobe without confusing or overly technical questions. Our sliding wardrobe builder makes it fun and simple to create and price your perfect sliding wardrobe.

Do all of your prices include VAT and free delivery in mainland UK?

All of our pricing includes VAT at 20% and free delivery to the majority of mainland UK in line with our Free Delivery Page. With My Sliding Wardrobe, there are no hidden charges added to your order before payment. You can see your order value change as you make changes to the design and what you see is always what you pay.

Do you operate expensive showrooms around the UK?

We absolutely do not operate physical showrooms as they cost hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to maintain and this cost would need to be paid for by our customers. In addition to the unnecessary cost, showrooms do not allow you to build your perfect sliding wardrobe in real time as our 3D sliding wardrobe builder does. We have instead chosen to invest in a state of the art 3D sliding wardrobe builder which you can use to design and visualise your perfect sliding wardrobe from the comfort of your own chair. This keeps our overheads low, our prices fair and means you are not paying for a showroom you neither want or need.

Placing an order on

Are certain colours available in both woodwork and glass?

We normally offer around 16 coloured glasses and 9 matt woodworks for our doors and a number of these are available in the same colour - for example cashmere which is available as a glass and a matt woodwork. Designing your perfect doors is a very personal thing and so we try not to offer opinions on colour choices and the compatibility of different products. There are however a couple of general practices which we think are worth sharing.

  1. Colours available in both glass and matt woodwork are very similar, but as they are different materials with different finishes, the colours can vary slightly. An example would be the pure white glass which is a brighter white than the matt white woodwork.

  2. It is generally better to try and select colours that compliment or contrast other colours in the room rather than aiming to select a perfect match as this can be very tricky and rarely ends up being a perfect match.

What should I do if I experience any problems ordering?

At My Sliding Wardrobe we take enormous pride in the simplicity and ease of using our wardrobe design tool and website and the overwhelming majority of our customers enjoy a smooth and hassle free design and ordering process. However, in the unlikely event you experience any technical problems designing or ordering your wardrobe, please follow these 3 simple steps,

  1. Clear Cache by selecting the 'ctrl' button on your keyboard and the refresh / reload button on your screen and if this doesn't work...

  2. Open the website in a different browser or on a different device and repeat what you were trying to do and if this doesn't work...

  3. Call us for technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0161 4986 444 and one of our team will ensure the issue is resolved

How do I use the sliding wardrobe builder?

Using the sliding wardrobe builder is really simple, takes just minutes and everything is visual including a 3D image of your sliding wardrobe which along with the cost, updates and changes in real time as you select and change your design. The sliding wardrobe builder takes you through the design process step by step without any confusing or overly technical questions or options. Our sliding wardrobe builder makes it fun and simple to create your perfect sliding wardrobe and allows you to see it and the price as you design and order.

Can I customise the room in the sliding wardrobe builder to look like my room?

Our sliding wardrobe builder allows you to change the colour of the walls and the style and colour of the floor in the 3D image to try and get as close a match to your room as possible. There are a limited number of options so it may not be a perfect match, but shouldn’t be far off and should assist with understanding how your new wardrobe would look in your room.

How do the sliding doors run in the tracks?

The sliding doors run between the top track and the bottom track and all of the weight of the sliding doors is carried by the bottom track – the top track is simply a guide and carries no load. All of the sliding doors whether there be 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, run on one of the 2 channels in the bottom track, which we refer to as the front track and rear track and all of our bottom wheels include an anti-jump device. Unlike some of our competitors, we use 2 high quality roller guide wheel assemblies at the top of each door rather than inferior friction pads. When designing how your sliding doors will look on the wardrobe design tool, you will design all the front track doors together and then all of the rear track doors together making them different or all the same.

How do I decide on the number of sliding doors in my sliding wardrobe?

When you are designing your sliding wardrobe, the sliding wardrobe 3D builder will automatically select the optimum number of sliding doors to give the best value, however you can usually change this to more or less sliding doors as you wish. When changing the number of sliding doors, it is worth considering the size of the individual sliding doors and the access you have to the room where they will be fitted. Adding more doors can sometimes give better access to things behind such as drawers, however it can also increase the cost.

Can I order the internals as well as the sliding doors and track?

We offer 6 set designs for sliding wardrobe internals which include shelving stacks, shelving space, hanging space and hanging rails with 7 colour options. They can be selected and added to the order once the sliding doors have been designed, they can be adjusted to fit any sliding wardrobe opening width and height on site and have a maximum depth of 457mm. We also offer additional accessories to use with the standard internal designs including drawer packs.

How many colours and styles can I choose from?

All of our sliding wardrobes consist of between 2 and 6 sliding doors. For every opening we supply sliding wardrobes for, there are 9 different framework and track colours, 7 different casing colour options and 7 different internal colours over 6 different internal designs. For every sliding door we make there are 6 different door designs, 3 different mirror options, 14 coloured glasses and 18 woodworks to choose from. This means for every sliding door, there are over a million possible design variations which means we will always be able to create your perfect sliding wardrobe.

What are the sliding doors framework and track made from?

All of our track and framework is manufactured from a minimalist design zinc coated galvanised structural steel, treated to ensure corrosion resistance and colour fastness over the life of the product. This gives the best value, strength and durability, providing high mechanical resistance according to ISO 3270, whilst maintaining a contemporary finish to our sliding door systems. We believe this is the best metalwork on the market and so we make all of our sliding door framework and track using it. Unlike our competitors, we do not offer a large and confusing range of different framework profiles with different prices, we just offer the one we believe is best.

What size is your track and framework?

Our framework makes up the outer edges of each sliding door and has a visible width of 24mm and a depth of 22mm. Our bottom track is fitted to the floor, carries the weight of the sliding doors and has a depth of 68mm and a height of 8mm. Our top track is fitted to the ceiling, acts as a guide for the sliding doors and has a height of 44mm and a depth of 85mm. Both the top and bottom tracks together need a total minimum depth of 90mm due to them being offset from one another and this is why our casing is 95mm.

What are the casing and internals made from?

All of our casing and internals are made from a high quality 18mm edged MFC with casing boards, shelves and end panels delivered at 2800mm long and all come in a range of colours with all necessary brackets and fixings when internals are ordered. Our shelf stacks have a finished width of 500mm and a height (which can be reduced) of 2070mm. Our 25mm diameter round chrome hanging rails are supplied at 3000mm long and also come with all necessary brackets and fixings.

What is a soft close pack?

Soft close devices stop the sliding door before it meets the wall, liner or end panel and then pulls the sliding door closed slowly. A soft close pack is made up of soft close devices for sliding doors which always rest against a wall, liner or end panel and sliding door positioners for all sliding doors with the exception of the far left and far right doors. Soft close is not mandatory, however a soft close pack can be a really nice way to finish off your sliding wardrobe.

Can I order more than 1 sliding wardrobe at a time?

You can order as many sliding wardrobe sets as you like on each order and have them delivered together or you can order each room at a time and save your designs as you go, it’s completely up to you.

How do I control the cost of my sliding wardrobe as I design it?

The most economical sliding doors are single panel (Denver) doors in mirror. The larger the opening width the higher the cost and sliding wardrobe opening heights (excluding casing) above 2490mm are generally more expensive than those 2490mm or below. Moving to sliding door designs with splits in them adds cost and moving from mirror to tinted mirror, coloured glass and woodwork also adds cost. Soft close and internals are optional costs which may not be needed for your sliding wardrobe and although we believe they are great value, there may be alternatives you can look at. Casing is strongly recommended, however this is also optional.

Can I save and retrieve designs for a future date?

You can save all of your designs on My Sliding Wardrobe and all you need to do this is your email address. Once saved, we will email you a unique pin and you can then retrieve your designs at any future date using the email address and pin. You can then adjust your design as necessary and re-save or order and pay for your new sliding wardrobe. This can be useful when you are designing and purchasing sliding wardrobes for multiple rooms or just want to look at different styles and options.

How can I order things not available on the website?

We can generally design and produce anything for a sliding wardrobe, however we have had to consolidate that down to a sensible range on the My Sliding Wardrobe website. If you would like to enquire about anything not available through the website please contact us and we will be happy to help and quote you accordingly.

Order delivery

Receive your order by Christmas

For guaranteed delivery before Christmas, orders must be placed by midnight the 28th November. Orders placed after this date will most likely be delivered in January, although we will always do our best to try and accommodate any reasonable request. Our Christmas shutdown starts on the last Friday before Christmas Day and ends on the first Monday after New Years Day. Our phone line however remains open 365 days a year.

Where do you deliver to and how much does it cost?

We deliver to all of mainland UK and we offer this as free delivery for the overwhelming majority of locations, however there are some exceptions. For further information on our professional free delivery service, please see our Delivery Information.

How do you arrange and manage my delivery?

We use a specialist sliding door courier giving us access to consistent and experienced furniture delivery experts to deliver your sliding wardrobe order. Normally within 10-20 working days of placing your order, we or our courier will make contact with you to propose and agree a delivery date. We will then text you to confirm if it will be am or pm the day before your delivery and finally the driver will call you 30 minutes before arrival. This means you can carry on with your life without worrying about missing your delivery.

How long will my delivery take and will you ever try and deliver my order when I am not in?

Your free delivery will typically be made between 21 and 28 working days from order, however it can be quicker than this or very infrequently take longer depending on the circumstances. We will always do everything we can to deliver your order as quickly as we can and no matter when the delivery is, we will always agree the date with you first. We don’t simply turn up without agreeing a date with you in advance. Once the delivery is booked, the day before delivery we will confirm if it is am or pm and the driver will call 30 minutes ahead of arrival.

Do you always bring my order into the room of my choice?

Our delivery specialists will always provide a professional delivery service where unless there are any restrictions imposed such as Covid, they will bring the whole order into the room of your choice. For further information on our professional free delivery service, please see our Delivery Information.

How do you deal with the rare event of any delivery damages?

Orders are to be checked by you on delivery and on the very rare occasion something has been damaged during transit, the item in question will normally go back on the delivery van to be returned to our factory. The items will then be repaired or replaced and re-delivered at our cost as quickly as possible. You can find out more about our damage policies in our Warranty Information.

Installing your Sliding Wardrobe

Are the internal designs and shelf stack positions flexible?

All of our internal designs are flexible on the height of shelves and hanging rails and the position of any shelf stacks. Out internals are designed to be fitted into the largest space for your size of wardrobe which means Dakota, Nevada and Arizona can all fit up to 2800m wide and 2836mm high and Montana, Oklahoma and Nebraska can all fit up to 5036mm wide and 2836 high. Shelf stacks are often shown in the middle of the wardrobe, however this is not fixed and they can be fitted in other positions to suit your preferences and door positions.

How easy is it for me to fit the soft close pack?

The soft close devices are pre-fitted to the tops of the applicable sliding doors and so all that needs to be fitted during installation is the door positioners (if applicable) and triggers which both fit into the top track. This does not take long to do, however it is important that the triggers and positioners are fitted in the correct place, allowing the doors to close at the right point. We will always send you detailed instructions within the order confirmation email on how to fit the soft close pack.

Do you offer an installation service?

The majority of our customers currently fit their sliding wardrobe orders themselves or within their families which keeps costs down. Fitting our sliding wardrobes is relatively straightforward with doors and track made to your exact size and fitting instructions issued with every order, however if you are still not comfortable doing this then we do offer a national fitting service through our network of exclusive fitting partners. When you design your wardrobe using our 3D design tool, at the last stage you will be presented with the option and price to add installation to your order.


How can I ensure clear access to my drawers and shelves?

If you have purchased our internals, it is usually desirable to arrange for the shelf stack(s) to be fully accessible when the doors are opened. This means the position of the shelf stack must be considered alongside the number of doors and how they will open.

For example in a 2 door design, a shelf stack should not be placed in the very centre of the wardrobe because the doors will cover half of it when they are both left or both right. To avoid this, you will need to consider the door positions when finalising exactly where the shelf stack(s) will go and in this case, the shelf stack will need to be slightly offset from centre.

If you already have internals with shelves and drawers, the same principles apply and if you have drawers, it is important that the position of the doors and the size of the opening they create are both considered as the drawers will normally open through the gap.

For example on a 3 door design, the opening created by the doors can occasionally be narrower than an existing drawer, meaning the drawer cannot always be opened through the gap between the doors. To avoid this, it may be necessary to move to a 4 door wardrobe which gives larger openings between the doors or even a triple track which we can supply.

If you need any assistance with door sizes, gap sizes or the position of shelves and drawers, please contact us by phone any time and we will be happy to help.

What preparation should I do before my order is delivered

On ordering with us, you will be issued with a clear and simple installation guide for anything you have purchased. As a general rule before receiving your order, you could first cut any skirting, dado rail, picture rail or coving on the wall as necessary to accommodate the casing, track and sliding doors at the correct depth. You would then make good the wall and decorate the inside of the sliding wardrobe opening as desired. If you plan for the floor finish (such as carpet) to be removed prior to fitting the sliding wardrobe, then this could also be done in advance of the delivery.

In what order do I install my sliding wardrobe?

On ordering with us, you will be issued with a clear and simple installation guide for anything you have purchased. As a general rule once receiving your order and checking the order is correct, you would first fit your end panel casing boards, then the internals and then any remaining casing boards (assuming you have any of these on your order). You would then fit the top track, check measurements for soft close (if applicable), then fit the bottom track, then insert the sliding doors in to position and finally fix any soft close triggers and door positioners.

How easy is it for me to install the sliding doors?

As the sliding doors and track are all made to measure and cut to size, installation of the track set and sliding doors is very simple and can normally be done within an hour with 2 people, one of which should be competent. We will always send you detailed instructions within the order confirmation email on how to fit the track and doors.

How easy is it for me to install casing and internals?

Installing casing and internals is still a straight forward 2-person job but can take around half a day to do and does require at least one of the installers to be competent. Much of the woodwork and hanging rails are sent oversized (length only as width and depth is always fixed), which means some cutting may be required during the installation to get the perfect fit in your sliding wardrobe opening. We will always send you detailed instructions within the order confirmation email on how to fit the casing and internals.

Order aftercare

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

All orders are bespoke and are custom made to measure so we cannot unfortunately offer any returns or refunds on items which meet the specification set out on your order, however if you want to change something on your order and it hasn’t yet been manufactured, at our discretion we will always do our best to accommodate your request. You can find out more about our damage policies in our Warranty Information.

What do I do if I have damaged my sliding wardrobe after delivery?

Where customer damages are identified after the order has been delivered and accepted, we will either send out the replacement components, or items such as sliding doors or track at cost as part of our customer first, non-profit aftercare policy. You can find out more about our damage policies in our Warranty Information.

What do I do if the order has arrived faulty, incorrect or damaged?

In the unlikely event that damages are caused during transit prior to delivery of your order or the items do not meet the specification set out on order, the non-conformance is to be notified to us as soon as possible by email, notified to the delivery driver and marked on the delivery paperwork ideally before the goods are accepted. The affected items will then be retained by the driver to return to our factory and we will then replace and re-deliver the items as quickly as possible. You can find out more about our damage policies in our Warranty Information.

What do I do if I believe I have a warranty issue?

Where there is a warranty claim, we are to be notified by email in writing along with photographs and a detailed description of the issue. We will then either send out replacement components or arrange for the item to be returned to the factory for inspection and retention or repair then re-delivery. Alternatively, subject to the claim being successful, we will replace the item in question without inspection, collecting the faulty item from you as the replacement item is delivered. You can find out more about our damage policies in our Warranty Information.

Design your Sliding Wardrobe - Information Points

What are extras?

Here you can add OPTIONAL extras or additional components and accessories to your order allowing you to customise your internals and improve the finish of your wardrobe.

Would you like to add installation to your order?

If you don't fancy cutting woodwork or you don't have access to a competent installer, you can add installation to your order with us for a fixed price wherever you are. A small amount is paid as part of your order with the balance paid directly to the installer on completion. Installation is available anywhere in mainland UK, is subject to availability, includes any applicable extras you may have selected and will be undertaken by one of our exclusive installation partners.

Where will your sliding wardrobe go?

Your wardrobe must go floor to ceiling and can either go between two walls, against just 1 left hand wall, against just 1 right hand wall or in the middle of a room against no walls. We will supply you with a 61cm x 280cm end panel casing board for any wardrobe side not against a wall.

What space will your sliding wardrobe run in?

We need to know the width and height of the opening you want to use for your sliding wardrobe (in mm) and this space will incorporate everything we supply to you including any casing / end panels. You can directly type in the dimensions in mm and we recommend reviewing our measurement guide before you do this. There are 10mm in 1cm - to convert cm to mm add 0 to the end (233cm = 2330mm).

Do you require casing?

We recommend casing as it looks great, makes fitting easier and avoids the need to close the sliding doors directly onto a wall. If walls are not plumb or floors and ceilings are not level, including casing will help correct this. It is also critical to order casing if you are having a floor finish being fitted after the sliding wardrobes have been installed or if fitting directly on to carpet. The casing is made up boards which are 95mm deep, 18mm thick and 2800mm long (ready to trim down to length on site), in a colour of your choice and sit within the opening dimensions provided. On any side where there is an end panel provided, no casing will be needed or supplied.

How does your room appear?

This is an optional step where you can change the colour of the walls and floor in the room above to match as closely as you can to your own room. This will help you get a real feel for how the sliding doors you design will actually look in your room. These colours do not form part of your order!

How many sliding doors will you require?

We will automatically select the optimum number of doors for your order, however you can choose to have less (larger width) or more (smaller width) doors to suit your taste, design and any access restrictions such as drawers.

How should your framework and casing appear?

You can change the colour of your metal framework and track to one of the colours below and if applicable, change the colour of your casing to one of 7 colours. Track is always cut to the opening width, however casing is delivered oversized ready to be cut on site.

How should your sliding wardrobe appear?

You can now customise your wardrobe to whatever door design and colour option you like with a large range of options in coloured glass, mirror and woodwork. You can create one design for the doors on the rear track and another for the doors on the front track, however these are interchangeable. Please remember that colours available in both woodwork and glass may not always be identical.

What sliding door style will you require?

You can select one of 6 designs for each door ranging from single panel doors which are the most economical to designs with up to 3 bars across the door, splitting it into different panels, all of which can be customised.

How should your sliding doors be finished?

You can select any of our colour options for every panel in your door design ranging from clear mirror which is the most economical through to tinted mirror, our standard coloured glass and woodwork and our premium selection of coloured glass and woodwork.

Do you need interiors for your wardrobe?

If you want internals, there are 3 designs to choose from, each available in 7 colours and they will fit a minimum of the full width and height of your opening, often more. All of our internals have a depth of 46cm which gives a minimum overall wardrobe depth of 55.5cm when they are selected and combined with casing and track. Most internal components will be delivered oversized so they can be trimmed on site to suit your opening. All shelf stacks can be positioned anywhere in the wardrobe and have a finished width of 50cm.

Would you like to add soft close doors to your order?

You can add a soft close pack to your order which allows the left doors to softly close left, the right doors to softly close right and includes a mixture of soft close devices pre-fitted to these doors and door positioners for all middle doors. Soft close cannot be added after the doors have been manufactured.

How to retrieve a saved design

To retrieve a previously saved design, please enter the pin we emailed to you and the email address we sent it to when you saved your design. If you cannot find this information, please feel free to contact us and we will try to assist you.

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