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Sliding Door Track and Framework

June 2023

Sliding wardrobes are a perfect way to provide beautiful and efficient storage solutions in any shaped room, of any size. The advantage of a sliding wardrobe is that by incorporating doors which slide rather than opening outwards as traditional wardrobes do, you have a perfect solution for any space, including rooms where space might be a little more limited.

Tracks and framework are an essential part of your sliding door and wardrobe installation, ensuring that the wardrobe doors have the strength they need, whilst gliding open and closing smoothly. All of our sliding doors come with framework options in 8 different colours and finishes and all sliding wardrobes come with a track pack made from the same material and finish, meaning they match perfectly.

At My Sliding Wardrobe, we pride ourselves on the quality of all of the components that make up our market-leading sliding wardrobes. All of our track and framework is manufactured from a contemporary designed, zinc-coated, galvanised structural steel, treated to ensure corrosion resistance and colour fastness over the life of the product. This means you can rest assured that the track and framework you receive will be the best value, with unrivalled strength and durability, providing high mechanical resistance according to ISO 3270, whilst maintaining a quality finish to our sliding door systems. 


The track pack for your sliding wardrobe


Our sliding doors all fit between a top and bottom track, allowing the doors to run and slide past each other, whilst providing access to a specific proportion of your wardrobe internals at any one time. Both the bottom and top tracks come in the exact same colour as the framework and are designed to be seen and form part of the finished look of the wardrobe, particularly the top track.

In combination, the top and bottom tracks require a depth of at least 83mm to function and accommodate the doors. This is why our casing is 87mm – to allow up to 2mm grace on each side.

Bottom track

The bottom track is the part of the framework which bears all of the weight of your sliding wardrobe and secures your sliding doors in the correct position. The bottom track is low profile and tapers to almost nothing on each side meaning it can easily be stood over or even stood on if necessary.

Top track

Our top track system is reversible and comes as an ‘M’ shape, rather than being just a top with a front, as can be found with some cheaper alternatives. The top track carries no weight like the bottom track does, but keeps the doors straight and true as they slide and also serves to hide the running gear and soft close devices (where applicable) above the door.


The framework around your sliding doors


Our framework is high quality, will safely and securely hold glass, mirror and woodwork and has been designed for ease of use when holding and moving the sliding doors. The profile is small enough to look and feel contemporary and yet large enough to give the door the rigidity and strength it needs. It is also designed to work well with or without an optional buffer strip down its length.

The bars that you can add to your door designs to split them into panels or sections are called H-bars because of their ‘H’ profile shape and we only use these and never, ever the cheaper stick on décor strips. Our H-bars have a visible thickness of 23mm from the front of the door and are made of the same material and colour as the track and framework.


The running gear on your sliding doors


Both our bottom and top wheels are made of high quality steel and nylon, all run on ball bearing rollers and are fully adjustable up and down. We have selected the best-in-class options for our running gear, with functionality and safety in mind, which is why we provide high quality wheels for all of our sliding doors rather than offering cheaper alternatives, which may not be as hard-wearing. 

Bottom wheels

Our bottom wheels are each rated to 50kg, or 100kg per door, a far greater strength than is needed, ensuring they will never fail. They also come with an anti-jump device which guarantees the doors cannot come out of the tracks during use – a common problem with other sliding door systems.

Top wheels

The top wheels keep the door in the right position within the top track, whilst allowing the door to move up and down as necessary. These are quality, sprung wheels and not friction pads or plastic clips that you often find with other sliding door systems.


Ordering your track and frameworks


Customising your track pack and framework is simple and easy. Use our 3D wardrobe design tool to create your perfect new wardrobe and simply select the colour of track and framework to suit your style and design when prompted. If you need any help or advice, our friendly team can be contacted at any time, day or evening, 7 days a week to help in any way we can. 


About My Sliding Wardrobe


My Sliding Wardrobe is a leading specialist in bespoke, handmade custom sliding doors and wardrobes. Our wardrobes come with a 12 year warranty and are handmade in the UK to the highest standard with style, quality and affordability in mind. All of our custom sliding doors are manufactured with high quality glass, mirror and woodwork finished in contemporary metal framework in a large range of styles and designs. You can use our exclusive and unique online 3D design tool to create your perfect wardrobe and if you need any assistance, please contact us any time.