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Safety & Quality

Our Commitment to Safety & Quality in Everything We Do

At My Sliding Wardrobe, we pride ourselves on both the safety and quality of all our products and everything that we do. As a family run and owned business, it is of prime importance to us that our raw materials are sourced in a way that ensures premium quality and compliance with safety, environmental and ethical standards, which we believe in turn gives us the best possible and safest end products for our customers.


Our Product Safety


All of the glass and mirror we use in our products is safety backed and meets the standard BS EN 12600:2002 + A1 2010 – flat glass for use in buildings. This means that in the unlikely event of any impact large enough to damage a glass sliding door, our glass and mirror will always prevent dangerous shards from forming and causing injury. The use of safety backing also increases the strength and durability of our glass products without affecting the quality or finish of the door itself.
Our commitment to safety does not stop with our glass and mirror panels. All of our woodwork products meet the EN 14322 and EN 14323 standards for behaviour during general use and carry an EN 13501-1 D-s2-d0 classification for reaction to fire behaviour.

Despite our very high levels of quality and safety, we are able to offer our sliding wardrobes and doors for less than our competitors because of the volume of doors we produce and because we carry much lower overheads by not running expensive showrooms or pushy sales staff. Not only do we keep our fixed costs low, but we also work to small margins, allowing us to pass those savings on to our customers. We firmly believe that by offering the highest quality sliding doors for the best value for money, our customers will be so delighted with what they have purchased, they will return to us in the future and spread the word about the value and quality that we offer.

All of our sliding doors are high quality, come with a 12 year guarantee and are built to last which means they are not a disposable product as some furniture has become in recent years. Buying quality items that last like ours is one of the most sustainable things everyone can do.