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H Bars vs Décor Strips

November 2021

H Bars Example Image

We are often asked how our door panels are split and whether we use stick on dividers (Décor strips) or cut the glass to fit. We now exclusively cut all our glass and wood door panels to fit using a metal framework, also known as H Bars.

Many of our competitors tend to still use stick on Décor strips because it is much cheaper to do, you don’t have to cut the glass to then fit back together again with a framework. However this becomes a problematic solution as the décor strips are prone top failure.

There are a number of advantages to using H Bars over stuck on Décor strips:

  • They are not glued on top of the glass but instead panels are cut and attached to a framework.
  • Décor strips are prone to falling off and spoiling the look of your wardrobe when this happens.
  • The framework is stronger and more durable.
  • You know that care and attention has been taken in creating your new wardrobe, Décor strips are a simple, cheap and easy solution but don’t have the same hand crafted feel.

We offer a range of design options for your new wardrobe door through our 3D builder with H Bars used exclusively on all our wardrobes.

No matter whether you choose the same piece of glass on your panel or different all our glass is cut to size by hand and professionally put into place using a metal framework. H-Bars are more expensive than Décor Strips but provide not only a premium finish and knowledge that your wardrobe has been lovingly created but it means that they will stand the test of time as there is nothing to become detached.

It’s never been easier or more exciting to customise your brand new sliding wardrobe – either on the outside or in! We’re confident that our brand new extras will ensure your sliding wardrobe is everything you want and need it to be.
Start building your very own, unique sliding wardrobe here using our exclusive 3D online sliding wardrobe builder.
And as always, if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.