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How To Fit My Sliding Wardrobe

August 2019

You’ve ordered the perfect new addition to your room – your sliding wardrobe. It’s arrived, and it’s time to get to installing it. But how do you fit your new sliding wardrobe, where do you start?

How To Fit My Sliding Wardrobe | My Sliding Wardrobe

How to fit my sliding wardrobe – in this article we’ll be giving you some pointers on getting your new wardrobe doors from box to bedroom.

1. Prepare The Space

First things first, you need to prepare the space where your new sliding wardrobe will go. Ensure that the wardrobe space is clean and clear and any painting and wall or ceiling preparation work has been undertaken before the wardrobe is fitted. If applicable, measure, cut and install any end panels and casing boards on the order between the walls, floor and the ceiling, ensuring they are plumb, level, square to the opening and create the correct opening width and height in line with your order.

Tip: If you are building an interior for your wardrobe, it is usually best to install this before fitting the casing, track and doors making, the best of the fully open access and space.

2. Install The Top Track

Position and fix the top track up with screws at centres of approximately 500mm, setting back the front of the track by 1mm – 5mm from the front of the finished wardrobe position or casing.

Tip: Before you start the installation, ensure there is no electrical wiring at the screw fixing points. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening the screws and use flat-head screws for the best results.

3. Position The Bottom Track

Lay the bottom track on the floor, setting back the front of the track by around 19mm from the front of the top track position. Use a screwdriver and adjust the wheels on one of the doors to move bottom rollers out by around 10mm. Lift and insert the door in the rear runner of the top track, taking care not to damage the bottom rollers, then align the bottom rollers with the bottom track and slowly lower the door until the anti jump devices and wheels snap into the track guides.

Tip: Before you install the doors, you can put a protective sheet on the bottom track to prevent damage to the track surface. Then when the doors are already in drop into position, remove the protective sheet before engaging the bottom rollers. Be careful not to damage the bottom roller anti-jump device as it is inserted into the track guide.

4. Insert The Doors

Once the door is properly in the top and bottom track, use a spirit level to ensure the door is exactly plumb at all positions along the track, moving the bottom track in or out as necessary. Check if the door remains plumb and travels smoothly along the entire width of the opening. Having set the bottom track position, fix it down using screws at centres of approximately 500mm or adhesive and insert the other doors in their respective positions.

Tip: Before you fix the bottom track, make sure that it is positioned exactly parallel to the top track and ensure the surface you are fixing it to is solid, straight and level. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening screws to prevent track deformation and use flat-head screws for the best results.

5. Adjust The Doors

Adjust each door standing position or ‘lean’ using a screwdriver to adjust the left and right hand wheel on each door. This moves the bottom rollers up or down which in turn lifts the door up or down on each side, allowing the doors to be straightened up or leant over. You can use this to ensure the doors close against each side of the opening flush along the full height of the door. The opening height clearance should have around 30mm of adjustment.

Tip: Before you start adjusting the wheels up and down, ensure all of the doors are correctly inserted into both the top and bottom track and the underside of the doors are not touching the bottom track. Doors closing left or right should be adjusted to suit the angle they close against to avoid gaps when the doors are closed.

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