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Sliding Wardrobe Lids for High and Sloped Ceilings

September 2021

At My Sliding Wardrobe, we understand that houses come in all shapes and sizes. Many houses built during the early-mid 20th Century often have either attic conversions with sloped ceilings, or have the added bonus feature of high walls that offer the room a greater sense of size and space. However, when deciding on storage space, these tall rooms can be tricky to navigate.

Made to measure sliding wardrobes can provide the perfect solution for ensuring that you make the most of every inch of space available, whilst maximising the valuable aesthetics of your room, whether you have exceptionally high or uneven ceilings.

All made to measure sliding wardrobes should be fitted between the floor and ceiling and either walls and/or end panels. However, there are some situations where it is not possible or practical to fit the sliding wardrobe to the ceiling, including where wall heights are above 2800mm, where you have an angled or curved ceiling, or where you have a ceiling or cornice decoration that is an essential ‘must-keep’ in your room.

Don’t despair though, our team of experts have a solution to ensure that whatever quirks your rooms have, we can help you create a beautiful design that will be the perfect addition to your home by quite simply adding a lid. Storage can even be created on top of the lid, although this will be open on the front of the wardrobe and possibly side too, depending on the dynamics of the room and your wardrobe style and design.

A lid on a sliding wardrobe is where the ceiling is essentially replaced with a horizontal end panel, just as a wall can be replaced with a vertical end panel. As with an end panel, the depth can range from anything between 54cm and 64cm depending on your requirements. As long as the sliding wardrobe has at least 1 side wall (not end panel to end panel) and an internal design inside, a lid wardrobe is not only possible, but can potentially provide additional usable storage above your new sliding wardrobe. 

Things to consider when ordering and fitting a wardrobe with a lid

When ordering for a lid wardrobe, please bear in mind that you also need to order casing for all sides and then add extra 64cm deep end panels for the lid itself along with a pair of side shelf support battens. The top casing that normally fixes to the ceiling and that the lid replaces will be used as the rear wall support for the lid itself and the side shelf support battens will support each side along with blankets as necessary. You may also need to order additional material to create the support for the lid, either as a standalone vertical full height shelf or as an extra piece between the top shelf and the lid. 

When fitting a wall-to-end panel wardrobe, the end panel must have a height of the opening height of the wardrobe itself. Your wardrobe lid or lids then fit between the walls or wall and end panel and do not rest on top of the end panel. 

The lid must be fitted flush with the front of the side casing and / or end panel and must be supported on the back wall using 1 or 2 shelf support liners and on the side using a pair of side shelf support battens. 

Lids need to be supported by the internals using a vertical shelf or extra support piece between the top shelf of the internals and the lid above. The lid must also be well fixed to the back wall and the side walls or end panels.

At My Sliding Wardrobe, we know that navigating a challenging storage solution can feel a bit overwhelming. If you need any advice or assistance with anything discussed above, please contact us any time, day or evening, 7 days a week, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

My Sliding Wardrobe

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