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Do Sliding Wardrobes Need To Be Fitted Wall To Wall?

November 2019

The answer is No! Did you know that you can add one or more end panels to your sliding wardrobe to enable it to stand anywhere in the room?

Often when we think about sliding wardrobes we think that they always sit in the space between two walls and although this is the case for the majority of sliding wardrobes, the reality is you don’t actually need a wall on either or both sides of the wardrobe. A sliding wardrobe can be just as adaptable as a traditional wardrobe with swing opening doors.

Inspires creative design

When you are designing your room or interior space, using end panels means that you can have a smaller wardrobe than the entire span of a wall to suit your needs. This allows you to be able to avoid doors, windows and radiators in the room and also gives you the ability to build a sliding wardrobe to your budget and also your design creativity.

Some examples where this could be useful include:

  • If you want a wardrobe to sit in the middle of a wall rather than at one side of the room
  • If you want a certain number of doors or a symmetrical look to the design
  • If you want a central mirror panel in a three or 5 door configuration but the wall space is too large
  • If you need a sliding wardrobe that fits neatly in a corner space in a small room
  • If you need to avoid windows, doors or radiators
  • If you need to meet a particular budget

Building a bespoke sliding wardrobe with our design tool is not only quick, easy and highly visual, but it walks you through the options of where your wardrobe needs to be placed.

Examples of where you can place your sliding wardrobe

Our bespoke design tool walks you through the process of creating your ideal sliding wardrobe and enables you to design, build and buy in multiple configurations, these include:

  • Wall to Wall
  • Wall to Left End Panel
  • Wall to Right End Panel
  • End Panel to End Panel

If you would like any more information at all regarding our sliding wardrobes, feel free to get in touch with us.

My Sliding Wardrobe

My Sliding Wardrobe are a leading specialist in bespoke, handmade custom sliding doors and wardrobes. Our wardrobes are created to the highest standard with style, quality and affordability in mind. All of our custom sliding doors are made with high quality glass, mirror and woodwork finished in contemporary metal framework in a range of styles and designs. Use our exclusive and unique 3D online builder to create your perfect wardrobe.