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Spring Cleaning Tips

July 2019

Office | My Sliding Wardrobe

Is there anything more satisfying than that feeling after you’ve finished a good spring clean and everything looks sparkling and tidy? We don’t think so! After a long winter, as the nights become lighter, the urge to give your home a refresh is strong. We’ve put together some top tips for tackling the most important tasks when it comes to Spring cleaning – designed so that you can do them all in one go, or bit by bit – whichever works for you! So whether you’ve got a whole weekend or just a spare hour or two in the week, we have you covered.


Making sure your windows are sparkling is a quick way to make sure your house looks clean from the outside. You can achieve a perfect clean with just glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth, however, it’s best to tackle windows on an overcast day, as direct sun can lead to streaks. When you take the clean inside, a duster will suffice for blinds and a vacuum cleaner will help freshen up any fabric curtains and remove built up dust.


You may well clean on a regular basis, but when was the last time your furniture got a deep clean too? Pull furniture away from the walls and vacuum behind and under it. While you’re there, don’t forget those skirting boards and any air vents! Make sure to also give your cushions a good vacuum on all sides.

Walls & Ceilings

As spring cleaning is all about getting to those spots you forget about the rest of the year, take an extendable duster to your ceilings, hanging lights and lampshades. It’s also a great time to get rid of all of the marks on your walls, particularly those caused by sticky fingers. the best results are gained by using sugar soap and hot water, but be careful not to rub water based emulsion paint too hard or for too long.


If you’ve permanently got items (or the kids junk!) hanging around on the floor, on top of tables, or draped over banisters – now’s the time to reconsider your storage situation. Clearing all areas of any items that aren’t needed can really open up your room and give the impression of a much cleaner space. Sliding doors and wardrobes can offer the ultimate storage solution – wardrobe interiors offer somewhere you can neatly store almost any item, whilst still having easy access to whatever you need. Alternatively, if you have a small space that would suit some sliding doors, you can create the ultimate storage cupboard. Take a look at our wardrobe builder and enter your measurements to see how we can help you tidy up this spring.

In the spirit of spring, we run our spring sale each year – don’t miss the chance to get your storage sorted out for even less!

My Sliding Wardrobe

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