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What is Sliding Wardrobe Casing and Why Should I Choose it?

April 2022

We offer casing which is used as a wardrobe lining for designing and building your sliding wardrobe or as a ‘false wall’ if you need an end panel. As you design your wardrobe using our state of the art 3D design tool, you will see the different casing options to choose from. For all orders we strongly recommend casing and casing on all sides must be selected if your order is to be installed by My Sliding Wardrobe.

The options vary depending upon your selections and include:

Casing is generally added to orders for one or more of the following reasons,

Dealing with skirting – For most customers, some skirting board needs to be removed to allow their sliding doors to close against the wall. Casing makes this easy as just a 87mm section of skirting board needs to be removed and the casing is inserted in that gap from floor to ceiling. This hides any untidy wall behind the skirting and makes the process quick, easy and neat.

Where your walls are not straight or plumb – If your walls are not plumb or straight, the casing can easily be fitted and packed accordingly to give a straight and plumb surround for the track and doors.

Where your ceiling and floor are not straight or level – If your floor or ceiling are not level or straight, the casing can easily be fitted and packed accordingly to give a straight and level surround for the track and doors.

If the floor finish will be fitted after the sliding doors – If you are planning to have a carpet or other floor finish fitted after the sliding doors, it is almost always advisable to have a casing board underneath the bottom track, raising it off the floor 18mm allowing the new floor finish to be fitted up to the casing board both outside and inside the wardrobe.

Avoiding closing doors on the plaster wall – Some customers don’t like to have their sliding doors close against the painted plaster wall and so casing allows the doors to close against woodwork in one of 9 colours.

It may be cheaper – Casing boards are 18mm thick which means they can reduce the width and height of the doors by up to 36mm, which can in turn prevent the doors from being in a more expensive price category.

Aesthetics – Casing can look really good as it frames the sliding wardrobe in a colour of your choice, giving a small boarder around the wardrobe. Many customers order casing for this reason alone.

Where there is a requirement for an end panel – If your opening space doesn’t sit between 2 walls and either requires 1 end panel and a wall or 2 end panels to function, you will be ordering casing as end panels are a type of casing.

Some people think of casing as an added extra and whilst this is true, it can also be vital for use to correct issues with the opening space, making it simpler, quicker and neater to build your perfect wardrobe.

Casing is easy to install and gives you not only an aesthetic benefit, but practical benefits too as outlined in this blog. Our casing is all 18mm thick by 2800mm long and consists of 2 different components:

  • 87mm deep liner casing boards used for floor, ceiling and walls
  • 640mm or 900mm deep end panel casing boards used as sides when there is no wall

Both casing types are available in 9 colours, these include:

  • Cashmere
  • Dusk Grey
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Dijon Walnut
  • Medium Oak
  • Lakeland Maple
  • Stone
  • Vanilla

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