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Fitting Your Wardrobe Around Skirting and other Wall Obstacles

October 2023

Wall to wall sliding wardrobe

When it comes to optimising storage solutions in your home, sliding wardrobes are a popular choice. They not only add a touch of elegance to your space but also provide efficient storage for your belongings. However, fitting sliding wardrobes around common wall surface finishes can present a unique challenge. 

If you are experiencing this problem, fear not. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating sliding wardrobes around skirting boards, coving and other obstacles such as dado rails and picture rails, helping you make the most of your available space.

This short video provides a visual explanation of how the process works:


Skirting boards, dado rails, and covings can prevent a sliding door from closing flush against a wall. The truth is, such a situation is more common than you might think. Almost every home has skirting boards and many have coving and other wall finishes that require a simple, clean and attractive solution, allowing you to properly fit your perfect sliding wardrobes.

At My Sliding Wardrobe, the solution we offer for this problem is Casing. The term ‘casing’ means to encase the sliding doors, much like a door frame encases a traditional hinged door when passing from one room into another at home. The casing provides a nice, neat, square frame in which the track and doors sit and in front of which the internals are fitted.

To allow a sliding door to close flush against a wall with skirting, coving or other wall finishes, a small (87mm) section of the skirting, coving or other finish is removed.


This will allow space for the casing board to be fitted flat to the wall, from floor to ceiling. With casing fitted perfectly plumb into the cut-out space, the sliding doors can now neatly close flush against the walls with no gaps.


Sliding wardrobe door fitting with wall


Casing also takes the form of end panels where there is no wall on one or even both sides of the wardrobe. End panels still interact with wall finishes such as skirting and coving, however it is generally only on the back wall where the rear edge of the end panel interacts with these finishes. In these cases either an 18mm slot can be cut into the wall finishes at the point where the end panel meets the back wall or the end panel itself can be notched around the wall finishes.

Casing is the ideal solution for ensuring the space in which sliding doors are fitted and used is square (plumb and level). 


Wall to wall wardrobe


Casing is easy to install and fully protects your walls and sliding doors over the lifetime of the wardrobe. It also looks great as it gives a thin border or trim around the wardrobe and comes in a range of 8 colours. Almost all of our customers who do not already have casing fitted, include and use casing as part of their sliding wardrobe order.

At My Sliding Wardrobe we offer different casing options to best suit your needs and to provide you with a simple, quick and neat way to build your perfect sliding wardrobe, around any obstacle or uneven wall. 

Don’t forget, if you aren’t 100% confident in fitting your new sliding wardrobe, we offer a national installation service, through our expert installation partners. We also understand that each situation is unique and you may require bespoke advice. That’s why we are available 24/7 to guide you on the most appropriate solution for any requirement. 


About My Sliding Wardrobe

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