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My Sliding Wardrobe shows support for World Autism Acceptance Week

April 2024

Autism Acceptance Week blog header

We’d like to take this opportunity to show our support for World Autism Acceptance Week 2024, taking place between the 2nd of April (UN World Autism Awareness Day) and 8th of April. We hope you’ll join us in acknowledging this important week, which aims to raise awareness and funding to help transform the world into one that works better for people with autism.

At My Sliding Wardrobe, we’re committed to making a positive impact and supporting the causes that we hold dear, which is why we’re proud to be in partnership with the National Autistic Society and doing our bit to support this fantastic cause!


What is World Autism Acceptance Week?

In all aspects of society, autistic people experience difficulties and discrimination – at work, at school, even within the health and social care systems. The majority of this does not necessarily stem directly and intentionally from individuals, but from not having the education, frameworks or resources in place to properly support those on the autistic spectrum.

Did you know:

  • Only 26% of autistic pupils feel happy at school
  • Only 29% of autistic people are in any form of employment
  • 70% of autistic people experience mental health problems

World Autism Acceptance Week aims to raise funds to provide autistic people (and their families) with access to tailored support and guidance that will help them overcome the barriers they face and make it easier for them to navigate their daily lives.


What My Sliding Wardrobe is Doing?

This year, we introduced a new initiative that lets our customers make a difference with every purchase. All My Sliding Wardrobe customers now have the opportunity to make an order top up donation to the National Autistic Society at our checkout. It doesn’t stop there though as we have pledged to contribute at least £3 for every £1 raised by our customers, quadrupling the donation.

To acknowledge and support World Autism Awareness Week, between 2nd of April and 8th of April we’ve increased this to £9! Which means for every £1 donated by our customers, £10 will be sent to the National Autistic Society.

As part of our commitment to helping make a positive impact on the lives of autistic people, we’re inviting our customers and community to join us in support of the National Autistic Society. Our collective goal is to create a world where people on the autistic spectrum are able to flourish.

What the National Autistic Society is Doing?

Beginning on Tuesday the 2nd April, the National Autistic Society will be holding a variety of fundraising events around the UK and welcome everyone from local communities, businesses, families and individuals to take part or even hold their own activities and events to raise money.

Funds raised will be used to provide resources and support for autistic people such as providing better autism training in schools, delivering employment support programmes and helping to ensure crucial diagnosis advice and guidance is available for the 150,000 people who are awaiting an autism assessment.

During the week, the National Autistic Society will be holding 3 Spectrum Colour Walks in London, Leeds and Birmingham, all of which are now sold out (which is fantastic!). Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get a ticket though, as you can always hold your own walk in your local area!

As part of 2024’s celebration, the National Autistic Society are encouraging everyone to bring some colour to their fundraising activities – so however you choose to take part, be sure to add a burst of colour to your outfit!


How You Can Get Involved

The National Autistic Society have a great range of ideas to inspire you to get involved, from organising your own Spectrum Colour Walk to doing something creative at home, school or work – such as gaming, baking, singing, dancing or pretty much any activity you can think of that you could turn into a fundraiser.

For more information about World Autism Acceptance Week, as well as more ideas for how you might be able to take part, visit the National Autistic Society’s website!


From the whole team at My Sliding Wardrobe, thank you!