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Sliding or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?

March 2020

Image of Clothes in a Sliding Wardrobe

Many of our customers at My Sliding Wardrobe ask why choose sliding doors over traditional hinged doors?

The first thing to do is to think about your space, as this will help you decide on the type of door that will best suit your room. A sliding wardrobe can usually provide a lot more options when it comes to design, customisation and matching to the rest of your décor and tends to take up far less space than hinged doors. Mirrored sliding doors can also really open up a room and make it appear a lot larger than it actually is.

Here are some things around practicality, cost and aesthetics to consider when choosing between sliding or hinged wardrobe doors:

  • Sliding doors save you space – they open without interfering with your room and are ideal for areas where space is limited.
  • Sliding wardrobes are also perfect for large spaces as they tend to be available in longer sizes than traditional hinged wardrobes and are therefore often more economical than buying multiple hinged wardrobes to stack together.
  • Sliding wardrobes are great for covering up or hiding alcoves, chimneys or other spaces whilst maximising the space for storage and clothes.
  • Sliding Wardrobes can give a much more contemporary feel to your room and are available in a variety of colours and finishes, offering more choice.
  • Hinged doors give a more traditional feel but need a lot of space around the wardrobe to open the swing doors fully and are rarely a perfect fit.
  • It is very difficult to fit mirror or glass to hinged doors because of weight restrictions and the glass edging, however sliding wardrobes can easily be made and customised with many different types of glass and mirror.
  • Sliding doors sit directly on the floor, where as hinged doors often tend to sit higher up and as a result take, up more space and create a trip or step into the wardrobe space.

My Sliding Wardrobe

My Sliding Wardrobe are a leading specialist in bespoke, handmade custom sliding doors and wardrobes. Our wardrobes are created to the highest standard with style, quality and affordability in mind. All of our custom sliding doors are made with high quality glass, mirror and woodwork finished in contemporary metal framework in a range of styles and designs. Use our exclusive and unique 3D online builder to create your perfect wardrobe.