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How to Create a Dressing Room with Sliding Doors

January 2020

dressing room

Thought sliding doors were just for sliding wardrobes? Nope! They could also be used to create an affordable walk in wardrobe, storage space or dressing room. Having a dressing room can provide a relaxing, private space for you to get ready alongside somewhere where you can store everything from your clothes and shoes to hats and make up. It’s often thought that this requires a lot of space or even a separate room which isn’t always available, but with sliding doors it’s possible to make a useless part of the room a key feature.

One way you can treat yourself to some luxury and create a dressing room is by using an existing alcove or area with a low ceiling. Even if you don’t have an adjoining room, if you’ve got an alcove or an odd space perhaps with a sloped ceiling, you could install a clothes rail and use sliding doors to separate the space from the main room. Check out our guide to fixing a sliding wardrobe to an angled ceiling for more information on how to achieve this.

As well as being functional, our doors can be customised by you to match your colour scheme, or perhaps a colour and finish that really stands out and becomes the focal point of your room. Alternatively, mirrored doors are great value and will reflect light making the room look so much larger. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have 36 colours and finishes to choose from!

My Sliding Wardrobe

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