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Explore Our New Range of Vertical Door Sliding Wardrobe Door Styles

February 2024

New splits blog header

When it comes to enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, the right sliding wardrobe design plays a crucial role. At My Sliding Wardrobe, we understand that your space should be as unique as you are. Our commitment to offering customisable options that cater to your style and taste sets us apart.

Previously boasting 9 distinctive door styles with horizontal panels, we are excited to introduce new door designs that take customisation to a whole new level. These new styles feature vertically split doors, adding a fresh dimension to our already diverse range. 

Watch our video to discover the new splits available now –


Our new vertical panel styles:

3 vertical door split styles


My Sliding Wardrobe now offers 3 door styles featuring fully customisable vertical panels. These have been added to our range alongside our single-panel doors and 8 options with horizontal panel designs. 

Vertical panel styles, shown from left to right:

  • Dallas:
      • 2 panels split the door straight down the middle for a sleek and modern look
  • Austin:
      • 3 equally spaced vertical panels for a balanced and contemporary design
  • Columbia:
    • 2 narrow panels on either side of a wider central panel creating a striking focal point


3 new wardrobe door splits - blog image


Customisable sliding wardrobe doors with 30 different finishes:

new splits - hundreds of finishes


Each vertical door panel can be individually customised, meaning you can mix and match from our wide selection of colours and finishes, giving you literally thousands of design options.

  •       Standard & Tinted Mirror – 3 options
  •       Matt Woodwork – 10 options
  •       Premium Woodgrain – 8 options
  •       Premium Glass – 9 options

You can choose to have all your sliding doors in the same style or mix it up with different styles for the front and rear door tracks or even all of your doors individually*.

style selection 1 styles 2

Wardrobe doors built to last

Our split-panel doors are high quality, built to stand the test of time. To create the splits we never use stick-on décor trims which can be used by others as a cheaper solution and can often peel or fall off.

At My Sliding Wardrobe, each of the panels that go into every handmade door is cut to size and fitted together with our steel H‑Bar framework for robust wardrobe doors with the strength to last.

As an optional luxury, why not add our soft-close pack to your sliding doors? Our wardrobe doors glide effortlessly along the tracks, but upgrading to soft-closing doors will give you an even quieter, gentler experience when you close the sliding doors against your casing..


Designing your perfect sliding wardrobe doors

You’ll find all these options in the Door Styles stage of our flexible 3D wardrobe design tool.

Select your preferred style for your sliding wardrobe doors from the 12 choices on offer, including our 3 vertical split options.

Next, you can customise every panel, selecting from our 3D different finishes. Just click the panel you want to edit and choose your finish from the drop-down options on the right or below if using a phone. You’ll see the 3D room and sliding doors update in real-time to help you visualise your chosen design.

You’ll do this twice – once for the front track doors and again for the rear track doors, so on the 3D builder you can have all your doors the same or choose 2 alternative designs.


Door styles 1

*Please note that you can also change the sequence of your doors and their location on the front or rear track. We can also flip individual doors or adjust your design, for example, if you want to create a symmetrical design. Just speak to us once you’ve placed your order, and we can specify these details before your wardrobe goes into production. Please find out more about these options in our Door Sequencing blog and please see below for an example of a normal 3 door design and then the adjusted symmetrical version.




symmetrical vertical door set

Still not sure?

If you need any advice on creating your perfect wardrobe design, get in touch with our friendly customer services team. Please contact My Sliding Wardrobe before you order and we will help you bring the wardrobe you’re dreaming of to life. 


About My Sliding Wardrobe

My Sliding Wardrobe is a leading specialist in bespoke, handmade custom sliding doors and wardrobes. Our wardrobes come with a 12-year warranty and are handmade in the UK to the highest standard with style, quality and affordability in mind. All of our custom sliding doors are manufactured with high-quality glass, mirror and woodwork finished in contemporary metal framework in a large range of styles and designs. You can use our exclusive and unique online 3D design tool to create your perfect wardrobe and if you need any assistance, please contact us any time