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Sliding wardrobe soft-close drawer options: shelf stacks and bedside units

November 2023

This short video provides a visual explanation of everything you need to know about our internal soft-close drawers.


Incorporating soft-close drawers as internals in sliding wardrobes can significantly enhance their functionality and organisation. The addition of soft-close drawers provides a dedicated space for smaller items, offering a convenient and easily accessible storage solution. By integrating soft-close drawers into the wardrobe design, you can keep your belongings neatly organised, helping to minimise clutter, promoting a tidier and more visually appealing living space.

Adding soft-close drawers as internals within your sliding wardrobe

Our flexible range of wardrobe internals incorporate rails, shelving, shelf stacks and extra items including wireless LED Lighting and soft-close drawers which work with our shelf stack units. Most of our standard wardrobe internals include one shelf stack or more, with the shelf stack sitting inside your wardrobe, behind the sliding doors and against the back wall. 

Our shelf stacks have a height of 2070mm and come with five or six shelves (depending on the internal design) with six bays or spaces, arranged from the floor to the top of the stack. The shelf stack height can be reduced if desired and multiple stacks can be fitted side by side. The shelf stacks typically sit between hanging rails and / or regular shelving and quite often sit below a full width top shelf. They are all perfectly sized for our soft-close drawers at 396mm wide. 

Where can I add soft-close drawers to my shelf stacks and what space do I need to allow?

Counting from the bottom upwards, shelf stack bays two and three are suitable for our soft-close drawers. So you’ll have open bays or shelves available in the top half of the shelf stack and also at the very bottom for other storage. In bays two and three, you can configure up to two soft-close drawers per bay.

wardrobe numbered drawers

When deciding whether to go for soft-close drawers as part of your wardrobe design, you first need to check that you have enough space. When adding internal soft-close drawers, you need at least 58cm depth, from the back wall to the front of your wardrobe. This allows space for your soft-close drawer fronts and handles, ensuring that your sliding wardrobe doors can close properly. You also need to have an opening between the doors that is large enough for the soft-close drawer to come through, which means a gap of at least 400mm.

Can I choose where my shelf stacks and soft-close drawers are positioned within my sliding wardrobe? 

Our shelf stacks are flexible which means you can move them to the left or right, placed for the best access when your sliding doors are open. This is very important as the soft-close drawers will not open if the shelf stack is fitted in a position where there is no opening between the doors

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To drawer or not to drawer?

So, now you’ve checked you have the wardrobe depth and spacing between sliding doors for soft-close drawers, you can decide how many soft-close drawers you want and where you want them.

So why not think about how you plan to use your soft-close drawers, then use our 3D Design Tool to create your perfect sliding wardrobe design. You’ll find everything you need to add your soft-close drawers in the Internals and Extras section of the 3D builder.

Our soft-close drawers, shelf stacks and bedside units are available in 10 colours, to match the rest of your wardrobe interiors and casing. Choose the finish you prefer, to tone with your room decor and choice of sliding wardrobe doors. 

Still not sure?

For more help on designing your wardrobe, adding soft-close drawers and matching bedside units, please check out our Measurement guide video. You can also contact us with any questions. Our customer service team is available any time, day or evening, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to help in any way we can.

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