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How Flexible are Our Internals?

August 2020

Internals Blog

We offer internals which consist of shelf stacks, shelves and hanging rails and which sit behind the sliding doors to provide storage solutions in a colour and design of your choice. When creating and building your sliding wardrobe, you will be presented with internal designs to fit your space at different prices and you can chose to add one, or place the order without internals. As you design your wardrobe using our state of the art 3D design tool, you will see 3 internal options to choose from out of the 6 that we offer as summarised below


Up to 2800mm wide


Over 2800mm wide


Flexibility of the Shelf Stack Position

5 of the 6 designs we offer include at least 1 shelf stack and the position of this is shown as central, however the shelf stack can be placed wherever you want within the space as long as it doesn’t leave any of the shelves or hanging rails too long without support.

Height of the Shelf Stack

All shelf stacks are sent out at 2700mm high and are reduced in height when installed depending on how high you want the top of the stack to be. We generally recommend this is not less than 197cm if you want double hanging below. Some of the designs allow for one side of the shelf stack to remain at 270cm high or the ceiling height, whichever is lower.

Width of the Shelf Stack

We offer 2 widths of shelf stack, 400mm and 600mm wide, however only the Oklahoma design includes a 600mm wide shelf stack as standard. If you want to change the shelf stack width, please contact us immediately after placing the order and we will be able to help.

Length of Shelves and Rails

All shelves are sent out at 2800mm long and all hanging rails are sent out at 3000mm long which gives you flexibility if you do decide to move the shelf stack or if you have an internal opening larger than the width of the doors and track.

Additional Shelves and Rails

We can sell 18mm x 2800mm long shelving at 95mm, 457mm and 610mm as a substitute for one of our set internal designs or in addition to our set internal designs. If you want to add any of these components to your order, please contact us immediately after placing the order and we will be able to help.

Internal Colour Options

Our internals come in 5 different colours as shown below. We can also supply shelving but not shelf stacks in black, although theoretically shelf stacks can be created manually using shelving as they are the same depth – 457mm.

  • Matt White
  • Cashmere
  • Dusk Grey
  • Traditional Oak
  • Tobacco Walnut


Internal Depth

Our standard internal depth is 457mm and this applies to shelf stacks and shelving, however we also supply the shelves at 95mm deep and 610mm deep and we can source shelving at any depth as requested. Unfortunately, shelf stacks are only available at 457mm deep.

Chimneys and Loft / Attic Angled Spaces

We understand that sometimes customers have unusual spaces – whether it be a low level angled space in a loft, a beam or column or pipe in the wardrobe space, or a tall space with a chimney in the middle – we stand ready to work with you to design and supply the components you need to make your space work. Chimney spaces normally have full depth hanging and shelving on each side and narrow shelving or a TV on the chimney breast itself. Angled spaces normally have single hanging with a horizontal shelf and vertical dividers. Both spaces rarely include shelf stacks but anything is possible.


Unfortunately, we do not offer drawers at the moment, however we will look to introduce them as an option within the shelf stacks in the future. If you do want drawers in your internals, you can purchase the drawers from elsewhere and then fit them into our internals, usually below the hanging or between the shelf stack and a wall or end panel.

If you need any advice or assistance with anything discussed above or with anything to do with your wardrobe internals, please contact us any time day or evening, 7 days a week and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


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